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  • After a while we came out to walk to the banker's, for I haven't got any French money. Ganymede vanished, and a series of confused impressions poured by in front of his eyes, which inexplicably his mind assembled together into coherent meaning.

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    And to top it all off, I was having well, I guess now it's fashionable to call it a mid-life crisis.

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  • The Tagus rainforest had been represented by the Mara on Ecological Benchmark Preserve, in Terra's Peruvian Autonomy. Or hasn't it occurred to you that Niko loves the witch-bitch far better than he loves you?
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  • The project was breathing a chilling breath of Death down their spines. Therefore, I took the responsibility upon myself to openly and willfully violate the Prime Directive and General Order Number One, realizing in advance that any stabilization of this star would. alter the culture and life-style of the humanoid inhabitants of Mercan beyond any possibility of restitution.
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  • I felt discouragement wash over me, and considered a total retreat from all of it.
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  • Marie de l'Incarnation had said that the Indian showed even a greater tendency to devotion than the Frenchman; but Bancroft had to report that the total efforts of the Jesuits, Roger Williams, John Eliot, Jonathan Edwards, David Brainerd, and the Quakers and Moravians had failed to instruct or elevate the Indian. PFC Robbins eyed me a moment, then put the newspaper down and sat up against the wall.

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  • You will despise this egotism, but I tell you there is a stern joy in it..... And the questions Susannah was asking, the doubts she was articulating .
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  • I nodded to her and she nearly jumped to her bare feet. The map showed a representation of one-tenth of the Quarter Galaxy from a communicator's point of view.
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  • The rifle cartridges were locked in a heavy iron box, except for those in the two ammunition belts, but the cartridges, thicker than a big man's thumb, were so heavy that the belts only carried fifteen.
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    He felt as a toil-worn lion might feel if some antelope, instead of making its customary bee-line for the horizon, were to trot up and insert its head between his jaws. Whether for the power or the beauty there, most men did not look past the honey-brown tresses curling around her pert white face, and even queens lusted after her beauty one at least did, of a certainty.

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  • Search the Web by searching the best engines from one place.

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    She had given enough of the psych tests she knew were upcoming to know how to act: open, relaxed, easy, as if she hadn't a care in the world. With that, Ignatov excused himself and walked out, after saying he had some reports to study.

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  • We are fighting for our existence, shouted a mouth in a pillar of glittering smoke, from the other.
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  • The deer leapt out of the way, the cloven hooves of its rear legs barely clearing Cree's face. Ah, have I the right of it? said the water-voice in a fierce purr.
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  • Even the Spacers wouldn't settle worlds in such a way as to set up an exact sphere.
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  • From wall pegs hung huge shields of an unfamiliar type: they were shaped like figure eights and covered with the hides of piebald oxen, hair-side out. Chondra was motionless in the pool, gazing at the trunk of the avocado.

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  • If they could not act quickly the Higher Ones would yet recover from the first blow, devastating though it was. It's a baby horse, she said, striving for enthusiasm past aching joints and sore feet.
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  • The army (it could only be the Krath regular forces) spread across the fields, filling the vale from side to side. Oh, I would have cut his throat at the time, if I could have found him, she confessed.
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    No, the prisoner must be the sole witness--witness for the prosecution, witness for the defense; and with a verdict of death resolved upon before the doors were opened for the court's first sitting. Arris was only about half Darry's size, but had twice his brains.

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